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lilacs are my favorite


lilacs are my favorite

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have you gotten to the part with the unicorn yet?
No! I’ve only ever read The Sword in the Stone and I’m not through that section in this book yet. I will keep you posted. There will probably be liveblogging. This is more weird than I ever realized.
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I am coming to discover that all of these “impressive”, “difficult” classics are really just hilariously bizarre and probably written while on crack. (Looking at you, Melville.)
Truuue story. I’m waiting until I finish blogging Melville (so close! only a couple posts to go I’m just lazy!) before starting in for real but so far this has a really similar weirdness factor. (COMMUNIST. ANTS.)
To offer a completely serious and unsolicited opinion, the problem is over-ambitious writing. They just try to do too much. Mind, you’d be hard pressed to find a piece of writing without underlying meanings and themes, and it’s not at all unusual to use an adventure story or a reworking of mythology to write about the problems in your own society or the danger of becoming obsessed with revenge, or whatever else. But where these works fall flat is that they try too hard to do that. It’s too Anvilicious, to borrow from tvtropes. Or they try to shoehorn in too many ~deeper meanings~, without letting them come from the story naturally.
This is an incredibly difficult balance to strike and it’s also highly dependent on each reader’s personal preference. I personally prefer stories that convey this stuff subtly, that I can read and enjoy for the story alone then work out the rest on my own. I also like stories that I can understand without having someone draw me a map to what they secretly mean. Because of college I’ve gotten better at working out that stuff without needing my hand held and it often ends up being worthwhile (see: Hawthorne) but I still find it less effective than other methods.
At the same time though, holy shit is it ever fun to wade through these books, you go in thinking classic literature is this really dry boring field but once you start to understand it you discover they are so fucking weird. It’s great.

So I’m reading The Once and Future King and I’m only in the first part, that’s basically just The Sword In the Stone, except with stuff that was edited out of the version published for kids.

And it’s like…it’s this impressively long book with this impressive title but the first part at least, if you actually read it, guys, what the fuck is it even doing. at least so far this book is cracked. out. like idek how it got famous because the chapter with the ants alone oh my god seriously this is the weirdest shit.

Except that parts of it are also strangely adorable and hilarious like when Merlyn accidentally blows himself to Bermuda and has to get his hat back and also knits his beard into his sock and Wart just sits there watching him waiting to find out what happens and I can’t stop laughing. Every single time I read it.


I will keep you posted on how the rest of this book goes and we will find out why my mother refused to let me read it when I was a kid.

Star and coronal and bell April underfoot renews, And the hope of man as well Flowers among the morning dews.
—A. E. Housman, “Spring Morning”

Star and coronal and bell
April underfoot renews,
And the hope of man as well
Flowers among the morning dews.

—A. E. Housman, “Spring Morning”

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Genuine equality means not treating everyone the same, but attending equally to everyone’s different needs.

Eagleton, Terry, Why Marx Was Right (Yale University Press, 2011) p.5 (via fuckyeahdialectics)

And this is why I get pissed off when.. I talk about equality, and someone says “YOU WANT EVERYONE TO BE THE SAME”.  No, that’s not how it works, and I’m sick of explaining it. (via cissexuals)

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I can’t remember where I heard this, but someone once said that defending a position by citing free speech is sort of the ultimate concession; you’re saying that the most compelling thing you can say for your position is that it’s not literally illegal to express. - Randall Munroe, XKCD


sirken asked:

Hello! Once you get this, you must say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send it to your ten of your favorite followers! :)

auuugh okay okay and I won’t even qualify any of these (because nothing is ever purely good, there’s always a flipside) I can totally do this.

  1. I’m a good reader. Meaning I’m good at thinking about and analyzing what I read.
  2. I learn things fast, and I have a pretty good memory—especially for overarching concepts, but also for some smaller details.
  3. I have all this creative energy. It gets channeled in different ways (writing, pictures, graphics) that I don’t feel qualified to comment on but the process is fun and the creativity itself is rad.
  4. When something makes me happy I get really excited about it and idk I like that in other people so I like it in myself too.
  5. I’m interested in so many things! There’s so much to learn about and I’m always curious and willing to re-think what I thought I knew and hear other people’s opinions because WOW SO MUCH TO LEARN.

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this has been another day of me yelling at the dudes in my office to high five me for real and not just awkwardly bump hands

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Anonymous asked:

I think the disability discussion is very important and you made some great points! What also helps getting away from tropes and having a single characters represent the whole community is adding more disabled charactes so some have superpowers and some don't.


Yes, absolutely. I think that’s a great way to balance things out.

The best way to avoid tropes/clichés/stereotypes is to have more characters that share the characteristic in question so you don’t have a) token characters and b) single characters representing a whole community or spectrum that should be handled as such, communities and spectrum’s. 

I long to see the meadows green Bespread with flowerets gay— I long to have a change of scene From winter cold and gray.
—S. More, “Longing for Spring”
I long to see the meadows green
Bespread with flowerets gay—
I long to have a change of scene
From winter cold and gray.
—S. More, “Longing for Spring”

I’m listening/watching to Crash Course (while working hard, I promise) and instead of saying “my thought process” I ended up saying “my thought bubble.” And then had to explain what Crash Course and Thought Bubble is. oh boy.

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"That was good."
"Let’s get another one!"

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Having now read Melville’s first 5 novels, a recap is in order

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Book: Typee

I’m not Melville, I’m: Tommo

Melville’s boyfriend: Toby

Is there a plot? Living with and escaping from cannibals, but largely a love affair with bread fruit

How gay is it? Not so much, despite the many impressive naked guys


Book: Omoo

I’m not Melville, I’m: Typee

Melville’s boyfriend: Doctor Long Ghost

Is there a plot? Participating in a mutiny, aka the love affair with bread fruit continues

How gay is it? Between Long Ghost and naked Tahitian boys pledging themselves to him, pretty damn gay


Book: Mardi

I’m not Melville, I’m: Taji

Melville’s boyfriend: Jarl

Is there a plot? Finding Taji’s lost love in an allegorical archipelago

How gay is it? I fell asleep too often to even figure out the innuendoes


Book: Redburn

I’m not Melville, I’m: Wellingborough Redburn (srsly)

Melville’s boyfriend: Harry Bolton

Is there a plot? Young Redburn sails to Liverpool and back

How gay is it? Given the random detour to what seems to be a gay brothel, kind of seriously gay


Book: White-Jacket

I’m not Melville, I’m: White-Jacket

Melville’s boyfriend: Jack Chase

Is there a plot? A year on a naval ship while being tormented by an item of clothing

How gay is it? Despite his crush on Chase, a shout-out to his bff Hawthorne, and murmurings of evildoing below decks, not actually that gay

okay first of all I can’t stop laughing at this, and secondly, saving for future reference because you know my masochistic ass is gonna read at least one of these